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Truffle Hunting in Italy with Wild Foods Italy

A truffle find on the hunt

One of the best experiences in all of Italy. – M.O. on the Wild Foods Italy Facebook page

Summer is black truffle season in Umbria, Italy, with its centuries’ old epicenter in the ancient village of Pettino. Extending through December, black truffle season brings with it the aromatic and soul-regenerating tradition of black truffle hunting.

The Chiacchiarini family of the village of Pettino has been hunting for truffles for centuries, passing down their secrets and truffle-laden recipes for generations.

In recent years, the family opened their organic farm, Wild Foods Italy, to visitors from around the world to enjoy and learn about truffle hunting yet making sure that the experience was as authentic as it was centuries ago. Every day on the farm, they hunt for, eat, and sell truffles as they have for generations. The Wild Foods Italy Truffle Hunt reconnects visitors with the earth, the people, and the beauty of the landscape in a way that few other things can.

Wild Foods Italy is less than 2 hours from the tourist mecca of Rome, yet a world away. Visitors to the region can combine their truffle hunting trip with the many festivals held during the summer and fall seasons, including the Umbria Jazz Festival, Eurochocolate Perugia, and the Spoleto Festival dei Due Mondi 2019 (Festival of Two Worlds), among several others.

Day Trip From Rome Itinerary:

  • Visitors can begin the day with a 1.5 hour scenic train ride from Rome to Spoleto where Wild Foods Italy can pick up guests for a leisurely drive to the picturesque mountain village of Pettino.
  • On arrival, guests meet the family and enjoy a steaming cup of freshly brewed rich Italian espresso coffee before making their way into the forests and fields surrounding the village with the very charismatic, generational truffle-hunters, Luca and Alessandro, and their trusty squad of truffle-hunting dogs. While the dogs happily sniff for truffles, visitors enjoy a breathtaking hike in the stunning Umbrian countryside.
  • A truffle snack and a sip of wine is always in the back of a hunter’s mind, so when they are satisfied with the truffle haul, the group will stop in a panoramic spot while the truffle hunters prepare the day’s first taste of a freshly dug Umbrian truffle and pop a Prosecco cork or two!
  • More often than not, the family shepherd will wander by with the flock of sheep and their very friendly wolf-chasing dogs. The canines love a friendly pat or two and make quite a spectacle among the sheep. The shepherd also carries a wheel of Francesca Chiacchiarini’s famous homemade Pecorino cheese of which he’ll happily cut a wedge for guests to taste.
  • Upon returning to the village, guests head to the pasta room where they’ll watch Francesca make traditional fresh pasta from scratch. If they’re lucky, spunky Nonna will stop by to help out. While they watch the age-old tradition, guests will snack on some of the family’s dry-cured meats like prosciutto and capocollo. Outside, Luca and Alessandro will light the barbecue and prepare sausages for lunch and wood-fired bruschetta made with the family’s own olive oil for guests to taste along with other delicacies from the farm. The tasting experience is accompanied by wine made by local producers and a visit to the 900-year old cheese ageing room to learn how Pecorino cheese is made.
  • Truffle hunting in Umbria can really work up an appetite, so guests will head to the kitchen and dining area for the very big but very relaxing traditional Umbrian lunch. Everyone joins for the lunch crafted with traditional recipes as well as various local wines. The day ends with a strong shot of espresso coffee and hopefully some very happy smiles.

The experience has earned Wild Foods Italy five out of five stars on TripAdvisor, Google, and Facebook.

Tour Availability:

  • Available 3 to 4 days a week from mid-March through to mid-December.
  • Group sizes are from 2 to 16 people. Limited availability.

Suitable For:

  • The Wild Foods Truffle Hunt is great for everyone and anyone wanting to immerse themselves in the landscape, people and culture of Umbria, Italy, including foodies, wine-lovers, families and people of all ages.

Prices start at €150/person.

About Wild Foods Italy

Wild Foods Italy is a family-owned organic farm in the village of Pettino in the Umbrian Apennine Mountains of Italy. The family has been living in Pettino and farming the land surrounding the village for generations, recently opening their farm to the public. On the farm, they hunt for truffles, graze sheep, cows and goats in the mountain pastures, make Pecorino cheese, salami, prosciutto and other traditional delicacies, and maintain a traditional, simple way of life in this beautiful part of the world. Their public experiences include their Wild Foods Truffle Hunt, the exclusive and bespoke Epicurean Experience, shepherding regeneration therapy, and a stay at the luxurious Black Truffle Lodge.

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