K1 Speed Opens 1st US Franchise in Bend, Sets Record Build Time

a formula 1 car hangs on a wall in the background of the lobby at k1 speed bend

The lobby of K1 Speed Bend

“We’re blown away with how quickly K1 Speed Bend came together. This sets a new benchmark to target for future franchise locations, so we can open our doors for business in as little time as possible.”

K1 Speed, the world’s premier indoor kart racing attraction, is excited to announce today the opening of its first US franchise location in Bend, Oregon. This location also set a new franchise record for the company, as the project went from conception to completion in just 3 months.

If there’s one thing the owners of this new location knows, it’s speed. The Roberts family includes two MotoGP legends – Kenny senior and junior – so it comes as no surprise that K1 Speed Bend was in the fast lane right from the start and opened in record-breaking time.

As previously announced, K1 Speed Bend features many of the same hallmarks found in every K1 Speed location: zero-emission electric go karts imported from Italy, a one-of-a-kind professionally designed track, a space for meetings or events, an onsite Paddock Lounge that serves food and beverage, a museum-quality motorsport memorabilia collection, and an arcade devoted to the latest virtual reality experiences.

“We’re blown away with how quickly K1 Speed Bend came together,” says K1 Speed’s founder and CEO. “This sets a new benchmark to target for future franchise locations, so we can open our doors for business in as little time as possible.”

K1 Speed’s US franchise builds upon the enormous success of its international program that has seen the company expand to over 40 locations in seven different countries.

Soon, two additional locations will join Bend in the US franchise program, introducing K1 Speed to two new states: Pennsylvania and Virginia. Those interested in starting their own K1 Speed franchise in the US are encouraged to visit http://www.K1Speed.com/franchise.html for more information.


Founded in 2003, K1 Speed is the world’s largest indoor kart racing operator with over 40 locations worldwide that offer a unique upscale entertainment concept for casual consumers, racing enthusiasts and corporate or group events.

K1 Speed is the first choice for anyone who wants to experience genuine racing in state-of-the-art zero emission electric karts that are eco-friendly and safety oriented, while providing superior performance to traditional gas karts.

Each K1 Speed location is designed as a large entertainment venue with professionally designed tracks and cutting-edge décor showcasing authentic racing memorabilia along with ample seating and viewing areas, spacious lobbies, meeting rooms and a place to eat and drink.

The K1 Speed International Franchise started in 2016 to meet the international demand for a K1 Speed location. As a result of this program, there are now seven countries with at least one K1 Speed location: France, Canada, Mexico, China, South Korea, Puerto Rico and the United States. Three more countries – Panama, Italy, and Kuwait – are lined up to open later in 2019, while many other countries have signed up and are currently in the planning phase.

The United States franchise program is expected to be as successful as the international franchise, with many locations already in the planning phase.



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Published at Sun, 25 Aug 2019 00:00:00 +0000