Kizoto Launches New App-Based Service for Crowdsourcing Charter…

We’re on a mission to change the way we travel, so everyone can explore far-flung destinations for the price and convenience of a trip to a tourist trap.

Today, Kizoto LLC launched Flugy, an on-demand, democratic, crowdsourcing model for air travel. The social network is designed to bring like-minded travelers together through direct, chartered flights to lesser-traveled destinations. Memberships are available for $25 USD on the company’s website.

“Few people are in a position to spend their hard-earned savings on travel, nor do they have the free time to travel like a backpacker, transiting for days through airports for cheap flights, dealing with lost luggage and missed connections,“ says Flugy founder Aaron Bergen. “We’re on a mission to change the way we travel, so everyone can explore far-flung destinations for the price and convenience of a trip to a tourist trap.”

Flugy’s local dashboard goes live when a city reaches a critical mass of 1,000 members. Every month, members get to vote for one of two destinations that are pre-selected and vetted by Flugy (e.g. Tikal, Guatemala and Volos, Greece). A Flugy coordinator aligns schedules to “carpool” a direct charter flight.

Before the trip, the coordinator arranges a local meetup, and handles everything needed for the trip including visa processing, local SIM cards, hiring guides, activities and workshops on the plane and at the destination. Coordinators travel with the group to handle any special requests and help with anything that comes up on the trip.

Flugy flights leave from smaller, regional airports with excess capacity. In smaller cities, Flugy offers day trips in smaller airlines to nearby destinations as well as feeder flights for the longer trips.

Typically with chartered flights, airlines charge per hour for the plane, crew and insurance. Fuel and taxes are billed extra, depending on where the plane is flying. Flugy passes on the actual price of the charter to members, plus an 18% commission. Transactions go through an independent and insured escrow account.

“Direct flights are more affordable and much faster than commercial flights with stopovers,” continues Bergen. “Our flights have no restrictions, penalties or fees, and are resellable if plans change.”

Flugy’s referral program grants members $10 in flight credit for every member referred. Credit never expires and members who earn over $5,000 USD can cash in a portion of their credit to their bank account. The two members on every flight who refer the most fellow travelers fly free.

For more information on Flugy membership and perks please visit Media interested in speaking with the team should contact PR agent Allison Aitken at allison(at)properpropaganda(dot)net.

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Published at Wed, 28 Aug 2019 00:00:00 +0000