Olvis Immigration and Travel Launches Referral Program for Affiliates

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According to a report by CNN Money, more than 44 million Americans either have side jobs or are looking for ways to bring in extra money each month and thanks to a new program launched by Olvis Immigration and Travel, now there’s a new and easy way to earn extra cash.

“We’re very excited about our Referral Program, where you can earn money for everyone you refer to us that retains Olvis to process their Visa,” said Michaele Archimedes Tessitore, owner, and spokesperson for Olvis Immigration and Travel.

Olvis Immigration and Travel Services is the leading expert in providing visa processing in the Philippines and provides the most comprehensive, personalized, and quality visa assistance and other travel services.

“The exciting thing about our program is that anyone can make money as an affiliate – just by telling their friends and family about Olvis,” Tessitore explained, before adding, “Everybody knows someone who is getting engaged or married to a foreigner- they might be your own family or your friends, or even your friend’s sister or cousin! Now you can help them get their visa through smoothly and make money at the same time.”

The launching of Olvis Immigration and Travel referral program could prove to have perfect timing. According to the CNN Money report, of the 86 percent who say they earn extra money from a side hustle every month, a high percentage are making $500 or more – and with Olvis Immigration and Travel, there’s no limit.

“Nobody wants to see friends and family struggling to get a visa, affected by long delays and having to resubmit things that were not done properly,” Tessitore stressed. “Olvis makes it easy – we help with every part of the visa application, even getting the girl ready for her interview, making sure she is confident to give the correct answers. As an Olvis Affiliate, you’ll help people make their dream come true.”

For more information, please visit https://www.olvis.com/about-us/referral-program/.

About Olvis Immigration and Travel Services

Established in 1985, Olvis Immigration and Travel Services is the oldest and most experienced Fiancée/Spousal Visa processing company of this kind in the USA or the Philippines for over 30 years. Our success rate is 100% with over 15,000 k1/k2, Spousal and k3 visa applicants approved.

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Toll-Free from U.S. 1-866-636-8666

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Published at Fri, 10 May 2019 00:00:00 +0000