The Best Destinations for Diving Holidays for Singles

Just because you are riding solo, it does not mean that you should miss out on all the fun of going on holiday. Regardless of whether you are married, you’re not in a relationship or your friends feel nothing about diving, you can pack up and go out to the waters and have the time of your life alone. Here you may even get to meet some interesting company to ensure you create memories that you will not forget in a long time. There are very many destinations ideal for diving holidays for singles around the globe and some you can check out include:

Gili Trawangan/Islands, Indonesia

The islands boasts of an aquatic Babylon with warm and clear waters. Divers here love the fact that it is home to over 3500 marine species including turtles, pygmy seahorses, reef sharks and beautiful colorful coral. The great little island is also ideal for snorkeling and since there is stiff competition between various dive operators, you can be assured that you will not end up paying exorbitant prices for your diving sessions. The island can be accessed anytime of the year although some travelers avoid the raining season from November to April.

Richelieu Rock, Thailand

Also known as the “Whale Shark Magnet”, because of its famous whale shark sightings, this is considered one of the best sites for diving holidays for singles. The place is really big giving you ample space to explore it fully. There are times when the current can become a little bit strong making your diving experience more challenging because of its location in open water. Do not forget to carry your underground camera as you will most likely bump into various pelagic fishes such as Dogtooth tunas, Giant trevallies & Barracudas. There are also chances you will spot the Manta Ray as well as critter and macro creatures among many others.

Destinations for Diving Holidays for Singles

Magnetic Island, Australia

Just like the name suggests, the island is a magnet for both experienced divers and the ones who are just starting out. It offers multiple diving options and is particularly made attractive due to the fact that it can be accessed from many sheltered and gentle sloping beaches. Wildlife is also plentiful here something that makes the entire experience amazing. Most of the times visibility is great and the waters range from 23-28C. From here, you can also dive into the S.S Yongala Wreck which sank in 1911 and now offers protected shelter for a wide variety of coral and marine life.

Barracuda Point, Malaysia

If it is your lucky day, you may get to experience the world famous Barracuda tornado that is prevalent in this place. You will most probably find the variety of hard and soft coral quite enjoyable making it one of the most coveted spots for diving holidays for singles. This is simply because it offers a very fulfilling dive. It is never a dull moment here as you can spot black reef tip sharks as they go about their business under the water. Fish variety is quite interesting where you may come across a clown tiggerfish, six banded angelfish, pyramid butterfly-fish and moray eel among many others.

Dahab, Red Sea, Egypt

Offering some terrific shore diving, this is a place you should definitely consider if you want to be speaking of your diving holiday for many years to come. For more advanced divers, the blue hole is something that will excite them as it offers an experience that is simply out of this world. Divers here get to enjoy visibility of 30m all year round. However, if you are not a fan of searing heat, it is best to avoid the place during the months of May to September.

Diving Holidays for Singles

Elephant Rock Head, Similan Islands, Thailand

Arches, small caves and swim-throughs make it one of the most amazing destinations for diving holidays for singles. The surface resembles an elephant head and this is where it got its name from. You can encounter various species of sharks like leopard, blacktip and whitetip sharks. The sea bottom is quite deep at about 70m thus suitable for more advanced divers since current is also strong. Fish life is also varied and you will most probably be amazed by the schools of pelagics that hunt around the huge granite boulders.