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With their rich history and beautiful designs, Chinese lanterns play an important part in the Chinese culture.

Tianyu Arts & Culture Inc has published a comprehensive infographic entitled “A Look at Chinese Lantern Festivals” to provide information on a basic understanding of Chinese lantern festivals.

With this infographic, Tianyu Arts & Culture Inc informs people on many aspects of Chinese lantern festivals. To accurately educate consumers on Chinese lantern festivals, the infographic covers the history of Chinese lantern festivals, how-to make a Chinese lantern, the design of Chinese lanterns, and popular types of Chinese lanterns.

Chinese lantern festivals date back to the Eastern Han dynasty when Emperor Li Zhuang made occupants of the Imperial Palace light lanterns to honor Buddha, and present day, the Lantern Festival (Yuan Xiao Festival) is held to celebrate the end of the Chinese New Year and promote reconciliation, peace, and forgiveness.

With countless design options, popular types of Chinese lanterns include hanging lanterns, flying lanterns, and floating lanterns. Hanging lanterns attract good luck and protect the space, and a string or hook is attached to the lantern so it can be hung. With flying lanterns, a flame on the inside creates hot air which allows the lantern to rise, and they are released at nighttime. Floating lanterns are released on a body of water and have a soft glow after they are lit.

“With their rich history and beautiful designs, Chinese lanterns play an important part in the Chinese culture,” said Tianyu Arts & Culture Inc Director Bin Zhu. “Spanning back centuries, Chinese lantern festivals celebrate the beautiful creations and the Chinese culture. Each lantern is intricately designed and should be viewed as a work of art.”

About Tianyu Arts & Culture Inc

Tianyu Arts & Culture Inc focuses on organizing cultural events including lantern festivals, Christmas light displays, cultural performances, and dinosaur exhibits and selling traditional Chinese handicrafts. They specialize in organizing Chinese lantern festivals in the United States with authentic lanterns creations imported from China.

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Published at Tue, 14 May 2019 00:00:00 +0000